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Must Read Pool Safety Tips Are you a pool owner or would you like to become one?  If so, it is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with pool safety tips. When doing so, you are able to protect your children, other loved ones, and keep your pool a fun and safe place to be this summer.

Although pool safety is a serious issue that should not be discounted, many pool owners are surprised to learn just how easy it is to accomplish.  To get you started: If you are a pool Resep Brownies Kukus owner, never let small children or inexperienced swimmers, even adults, swim in your pool alone. Always closely monitor those inside your pool.  Children who do not know how to swim should be no more than an arms length away from an adult.

As it was previously stated, children who do not know how to swim should be within arms length of an adult.  This is important to remember, as many parents have gained a false sense of confidence and security with floatation devices, such as arm floaties or swimsuits with built in floaters.  Even children outfitted with lifejackets approved by the United States Coast Guard should never be left unattended.

Before a swimming pool is filled with water it should be surrounded by a strong and sturdy fence.  All pool owners should consult with local officials, as law may require a fence.  Pool fences are important because many children drown in accidents when the pool was otherwise not in use.

A cordless telephone should always be kept near the pool when it is in use.  Cordless phones are recommended, as it enables adults to answer the phone without leaving the pool area.  Remember, all it takes is a few seconds for a child to slip underwater.  A close by telephone can also result in a quicker call for emergency services.

If you are a parent, there is a good chance that your children will want to invite friends over for a swim or even a full-fledge pool party. If so, it is vital that you speak to the parents of all guests. Make sure that all children in your pool have permission to be there and that they can swim.

If you have an inground pool, it is recommended that you section off the deep end of the pool from the shallow end.  You may be provided with a small buoyed rope to do so.  Inexperienced swimmers need to be able to see where the shallow waters end.

If your swimming pool is an aboveground pool, your ladder should be removable.  You will want to remove it from the side of the pool after Brownies Kukus each swim.  This is particularly important if there are small children in your home or in your neighborhood. With no ladder, most small children will not be able to go for an unauthorized and unmonitored swim.

The above mentioned summer pool safety tips can help to reduce the chance of a pool accident, but you always need to be prepared for one.  That is why all swimming pool owners should know or learn CPR.  For a small and reasonable fee, you may be able to save the life of a loved one.